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Cut the nozzle to repair the mouth

1) Cut the mouth time to prevent clogging. In the cutting process, the slag splashing furnace in the high temperature state is easy to plug the nozzle, so the nozzle cleaning and maintenance is very important. Cut the nozzle to be cut to cut off the dust through the needle in the fast oxygen hole pedal, the cutting of the nozzle, And slowly open the torch to cut the oxygen hand valve.
        2) Always pay attention to cleaning and maintenance. The cutting mouth is also one of the parts that are easily damaged in the CNC cutting machine parts. Therefore, it can not only improve the efficiency of CNC cutting machine and cutting quality, and can extend the life of CNC cutting machine. Thereby reducing production costs. Cut mouth

Cut the classification

Gas cutting nozzles are divided into two new types of industrial gas cutting nozzles and industrial gas cutting nozzles.
       The rapid cutting mouth of a new type of industrial gas includes a cutting nozzle body, a screw mixer, a cutting nozzle jacket, a cutting nozzle and a connecting rod, characterized in that the connecting rod is cut and connected by a mouthpiece at one end of the internal thread, The mouth of the mouth of the other end of the connecting rod and the main body, in the screw stirrer installed threaded connecting rod and jacket on the mouth of the mouth jacket; cut mouth mouth milling 10-20 slot gas channel, channel is streamlined Laval nozzle channel, by the stability section, , The throat and the diffusion section of four parts, in the streamlined surface plating treatment pores; cut mouth of the screw mouth with a screw mixer.
       Fast cutting mouth with split, mouth and steel core, and with spiral products. It is easier for users to divert the use of the mouth, the mouth and steel core can extend the life of the mouth (life is ordinary cutting nozzle 3 times), the flame is more vertical concentration, higher temperature, flame more penetrating force, increased gas pressure , To speed up the gas flow, shorten the warm-up time, oxygen and propane gas fully mixed, so as to achieve the purpose of rapid cutting. Cutting mouth model
       The common cutting nozzle of the industrial gas is composed of a cutting nozzle jacket, a nozzle and a connecting rod, which is characterized in that the oxygen and the Laval pore gas are fully mixed to achieve the principle of rapid cutting. The flame cutting machine adopts a new type of industrial gas rapid cutting nozzle , For cutting cutting, can achieve smooth cutting surface, cutting speed, no burning residue, carburizing quenching phenomenon, cutting mouth and long life.

Cut the mouth type

Hand torch is divided into three types g01-30 g01-100 g01-300 type, now listed as G01-100 shooting torch, are common with ordinary cutting gun type factory. G01-100 can cut low carbon steel maximum thickness of less than 100mm, g01-100 01 refers to the cutting mouth type 1, and (2), (3), and so on. The difference is that the size of the eyes and mouth is slim little and small incision.
       In addition, the cutting mouth is divided into two kinds, acetylene cutting mouth (a circle in the middle, also known as ring cut), Mei cut mouth (see plum, mainly used for liquefied petroleum gas, propane). Also called propane cutting nozzle. Cutting mouth cutting thickness is generally: 12mm below the following 1,20mm below 2,30mm below 3. If the workpiece is more stringent requirements (ie, the more stringent) can be mentioned in the specifications, such as account 12-20 mm 1. Select the appropriate cutting nozzle type. Mechanical cutting nozzle type selection depends on gas and cutting material and thickness considerations. In the cutting of 50mm thick material generally choose 1-4 # 50-100mm cutting mouth, it is recommended to choose 4-5 # cutting mouth, more than 100mm thick material is 6-7 # cutting mouth. The reason is that different thickness of the plate should be used with different cutting speed, cutting gas pressure and different cutting type, thickness 6-20mm plate due to thermal denaturation, at the beginning of cutting parts can not be cut from the edge of the board, perforated steel edge to Off, the steel plate cutting and the edge of the steel plate has a certain distance, thus limiting the part size error caused by degradation. Through the use of several cutting methods, you can ensure that CNC flame cutting machine cutting various parts of the dimensional accuracy and cutting efficiency. The operator's high volume, cutting mouth maintenance and operational skills are also related to the quality of CNC flame cutting machine cutting, is an important part can not be ignored.
       Ultra-industrial gas cutting nozzles
       A super-industrial gas cutting nozzle comprising a jacket (1) and an inner core (2). The inner core (2) is made of copper, the center hole (8), which includes the front handle (3), the core handle (4) and the core handle of the three parts (5). The upper surface of the front core (3) has 18 side grooves (6) which are conical. The core handle (5) has 6 side holes (7) in the same direction of the side channel (6). Cutting mouth can be combined with the collection and processing of gas flames to overcome the flame dispersion phenomenon, not only can improve the cutting efficiency, but also to ensure the quality of cutting, saving oxygen.

Welding parameter selection

When using carbon dioxide gas shielded welding, the welding specification is generally relatively small, that is, low arc voltage and smaller welding current. The main specifications are: arc voltage, welding current, welding circuit inductance, welding speed, gas flow and dry wire elongation.
       1, arc voltage and welding current.
       The arc voltage is one of the key parameters in the welding specification. Its size determines the length of the arc, which determines the droplet transition form. One of the conditions to achieve a short circuit transition is to keep a short arc length. Therefore, in the welding specification, short-circuit transition is an important feature of low voltage.
The matching relationship between the welding current and the arc voltage should be taken into account when determining the arc voltage. In the wire diameter and welding current, the arc voltage is too low, the arc ignition is difficult and the welding process is unstable. The arc voltage is too high, transition from short circuit to long arc, and the welding process is unstable. Only when the arc voltage and welding current match well, in order to obtain a stable welding process, the welding process is small, the weld forming. When the current is less than 300A, the welding voltage and current follow: U = 0.04i + 16 (1.5 +)
       2, welding circuit inductance.
       The inductance of the welding circuit directly affects the growth rate of the short circuit current. Therefore, the growth rate of the short circuit current can be adjusted by adjusting the inductance of the welding circuit to control the burning time of the arc and control the penetration depth of the base material.
      3, welding speed.
      Welding speed will cause welding on both sides of the weld, welding speed is too slow, easy to produce welding defects, such as thick, so to ensure the quality of welding, you need to choose the appropriate welding speed.
      4, the wire dry elongation.
      As the short-circuit transition welding used in the wire is thin, the length of the wire resistance has become an important factor in the welding process can not be ignored. With the increase in wire length, the resistance heat flux increases, the wire melting rate, from the increase in productivity which is useful point of view, but when the stem elongation is too large, the wire is easy to overheat and fuse, splash serious, welding process instability. The dry shrinkage of the wire will shorten the distance between the nozzle and the workpiece, and the metal splash is easy to plug the nozzle.
       5, gas flow.
       The larger the current, the welding speed, the longer the extension length of the wire, and the outdoor work at the time of welding, so that the gas flow is increased appropriately, so that the gas has sufficient rigidity and the anti-interference ability is improved. But the gas flow is too large, shielding gas flow increases, but the external air into the welding area, the protection effect changes, and even cause the pores of the weld.
       6, the polarity of the power supply.
      In the thin plate welding, usually using the DC reverse (reverse polarity), that is, welding parts of the cathode, wire anode. Due to reverse polarity, small splash, arc stability, good shape.

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